W elcome to the VIP Chain Resort and Sea Sand Sun Resort, both located in Mae Ramphueng Beach in Rayong, near the fishing village of Ban Phe and the provincial town of Rayong. According to many this is the Mae Ramphung Beach is the nicest beach in Rayong. Being able to walk along the 12 km long beach is pure luxury. Rayong province belongs to the region in Thailand which has the best weather overall, also during the rainy season. We have a mix of nationalities in our resort even Thais. Both couples and families feel comfortable with us and many of our guests choose to come back to us year after year.

We have a Scandinavian management and I am here as your representative during the majority of the year. I have been in the area for 9 years and know the area very well.


In Sea Sand Sun there is apartments of different style and size, the resort has one pool in front of the building. This part of Mae Ramphung is more genuine Thai, and the restaurants along the road mainly serve thai-food, we recommend renting some kind of transportation to explore the long beach. 2018 is our new resort completed (will be built during summer of 2017), Tiffany will be in front of Sea Sand Sun.

VIP Chain Resort is a resort with apartments in 3 different sizes, and houses with up to four bedrooms (some with private swimmingpool).

The resort is becoming more and more popular with its two public swimming pools, spa, restaurant and many other facilities. Office with English speaking staff. During high season, there are several happenings in the restaurant and afternoon tea for our guests at the pool. With direct access from the beach road and a few hundred meters walk to your choice of stay there is also an electric car available if you would rather not walk.

  • What a fantastic place Ban Phe is for a big family with children seeking swimming, peace and quiet and fun excursions. We tested the different beaches around Ban Phe and I have to say that our choice to try to find a living at Mae Rumphung was superb, clearly without competition, the best beach in Ban Phe. ...[ more ]

    The house was as you wrote before gigantic and what a joy for our girls to have their own pool to splash and dive in, Ebba our smallest, swim and dive like a seal and she could barely take a few swim-moves before we left and now she's like a fish So it's cool too.

    Ban Phe is undoubtedly the best and funest place we have been to during our travels to Thailand and we feel like this we can think of coming again, we do not have to look for something new at risk of ending in a less fun place. It's time to make excursions around the village, Koh Samet is beautiful, but my opinion is that you have a nice boat trip and visit the small islands, so you get a much nicer experience, we took a full day with Mayflower and I smile when I think of the trip. It was magical albeit somewhat expensive, but it was still worth every penny. If you want to shop or have other experiences, it's just a short trip to Rayong that has plenty to offer and if you want the right pulse you can always go to Pattaya, but at least according to me, a miserable place, like Thailand's real backside. Even though shopping is fun, it's still impossible to see the misery going on there.

    Well, to round off so we are really pleased with our stay, we have had an absolutely wonderful holiday with all that means and have any doubtful tenants if they send me to me so I'll explain to them how amazingly worth it is To book with you. Certainly it is a little expensive to pay 20000 kr for a month but you actually get good value for money.

    A great thank you for a wonderful stay, if you encounter Chamm and One, please say goodbye to us and thank you for your service and good food. In my opinion there is a praise for genuine Thai people who know and understand the importance of offering us Westerners good service.

    Best regards:
    Mangnus Johansson

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